Thursday, August 4, 2011

4th & 24th of July

(Addaly & Coley. Little love birds!)

(Jax, Coley & Addaly)

(see the 2 little love birds!)

(Mia & Addaly)

( All the cute kids waiting for the parade Isabel, Kailey, Abi, Ali & Addaly)

(Little patriotic babes)

(Long day of festivities)

(They love her sooo much!)

Ok so I really started this post a month ago, but things get crazy busy around here! By the time I get the pictures loaded somebody wants to be held or fed!

We had a great time this July! We hit both parades for the 4th and 24th, went swimming, Bee's game with fabulous fireworks and did a few fireworks of our own fireworks.

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