Thursday, August 4, 2011

4th & 24th of July

(Addaly & Coley. Little love birds!)

(Jax, Coley & Addaly)

(see the 2 little love birds!)

(Mia & Addaly)

( All the cute kids waiting for the parade Isabel, Kailey, Abi, Ali & Addaly)

(Little patriotic babes)

(Long day of festivities)

(They love her sooo much!)

Ok so I really started this post a month ago, but things get crazy busy around here! By the time I get the pictures loaded somebody wants to be held or fed!

We had a great time this July! We hit both parades for the 4th and 24th, went swimming, Bee's game with fabulous fireworks and did a few fireworks of our own fireworks.

Happy Birthday!

(getting ready to blow out the candles.)

(Coley and his fabulous cupcake)

(The kids getting the loot from the pinata)

(Good job Doodles!)

(The cutest little Mia with her little cupcake purse!)

(almost....... hahaha)

(Ellie decorating her cupcakes)

(Tate, no frosting needed!)

(The cute girls before the festivities started)

(The cupcake decorating goods)

Our Addaly Doodle turned 4 last month. I can't believe how fast time flies! She is our spunky little princess! She is so smart and the best little helper. She is the best big sister and "little mama"! She is so girly and loves to dress up! She loves to put on make-up and lip gloss. She loves to play kitchen or restaurant. Her favorite being Bonsai! She is witty just like her dad! Oh man the things that little girl comes up with. Just the other day we got after her for doing something, we told her not to even think about it! She turns around and says "I'll be thinking about it in my mind!" We couldn't help but laugh! She loves to dance and that girl definitely has rhythm! She is animated like no other! We are so thankful to have her in our lives and so proud of the girl that she is! We love you our Addaly Doodles!

This year for her birthday we had a cupcake party. We let the kids decorate cupcakes, played pin the cherry on the cupcake, had a cupcake pinata and made cupcake hair doodles. The party was a blast and she was spoiled by everybody!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cute Cute Pics!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Addaly's End of the Year School Program

(This girl could not get any cuter!)

(Saying her part in the program)

(Addaly and her BFF Guilia)

School is over and Addaly is a little upset! She had such a fun year, learned so much and made lots of new friends! We are so proud of her and her love for school and learning!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

They're Here!

Quinn Richard

6lb 11oz

18.5 inches

Charlie Dawn

5lb 11oz

17.5 inches

(She is the best big sister!)

(Proud Big Sister)

(First family pic. There was like 5 people taking pics and I ended up with the one where were looking the wrong way!)

(Going home!)

Our sweet little babies are finally here! I honestly can't believe it! They are so perfect! They were born on May 23, 2011. Let me just say a c-section is the way to go!! I went in at 5:00 am, got all hooked up, our sweet little Quinn was born at 7:47 am and our sweet little Charlie at 7:48 am. I lost it when I heard those sweet little babes cry! Such miracles! Thinking back on what it took to get them here and how long! We just couldn't be any happier!

Monday, June 20, 2011


So I'm a little late on my postings, but things have been crazy busy the last couple of months! So now I need to play catch up!

We had a fabulous Easter! I was way huge and preggers so there is not pictures with me in it! Addaly had so much fun with all of the festivities! She loved coloring eggs. I thought that 36 eggs would be plenty, but apparently I was wrong! She could have colored eggs for hours! Lucky for her we colored eggs at our house and Grandma Jackie's! We went to the South Jordan egg hunt. They had tons of candy and plastic eggs with tickets for different prizes. Before the hunt started we told Addaly to get the plastic eggs first! That girl listens! She didn't get any candy at all, her basket was just filled with the plastic eggs! We were sure she would get an awesome prize with all the eggs she got! If you think that a free meal at Sizzler is fabulous, then you would be excited! If it wasn't funny enough that she got a free Sizzler meal, it was even better that she got 3 free meals! We laughed and laughed! The Easter Bunny brought her a fishing pole and some treats.